Submit Your Property For Films

The Texas Film Commission maintains a digital library of locations throughout Texas available for use in films, television shows, commercials, music videos and multimedia projects.

We receive requests for all types of locations including: ranches, farm houses, downtowns, courthouses, parks, dancehalls, restaurants, small businesses and more. If you own or manage a property in Texas that you would like to have listed in our digital locations database, we welcome your submission for inclusion in to our library.

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To add your property to our library, please click the button below for instructions on digitally submitting photos. 

Upload Your Photos

For an example of the types of photos to submit, read the tips below and view this sample gallery.


  • Filmmakers like to see the ‘big picture,’ so think wide angle shots. No close ups or detail shots please. 
  • Take photos of all structures on your property to provide filmmakers with an idea of everything the location has to offer. This includes multiple shots of interiors, exteriors and any additional or unique features of the property.
  • Include at least one shot of each interior room. It may be helpful to stand in the corner of a room with the lens adjusted to the widest angle setting.
  • Take photos during the day for the best lighting. Dark, out-of-focus or outdated photos may not be accepted.
  • When photographing interiors, turn on lights to help brighten up photos. 
  • Include the property address and contact information (name, email address and phone number) for the owner and / or manager. For rural properties, please include basic directions such as ‘iron gate entrance 8 miles east of Loop 180.’
  • Please note submitted photos are not typically accessible to the general public and can only be changed by Texas Film Commission staff once submitted. 
  • We do not accept hard copy photographs, videos or 35mm negatives. 


If you prefer to send photos on a CD or flash drive, please send the photo package to: 

Texas Film Commission
Attn: Ali Nichols
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, TX 78711


Once reviewed and approved, your photos will be added to our location photo database and will be available for viewing by industry professionals worldwide seeking Texas locations for their projects. 

All approved photos are uploaded to our internal, secure database (TEXScout). Approved photos are then sent to industry professionals on a case by case basis, depending on their location requests. 

Please note while our office will share photos of your property (along with similar locations) with industry professionals, we cannot guarantee that your property will generate interest from filmmakers. 

Being Contacted About Your Property
Be aware if a production company is interested in your property, initial contact is generally made by a location scout or location manager hired by the production company. If you are contacted, it will likely be to schedule a location scout. A location scout does not obligate either party, it is simply an in-person visit to see if the property might work as a filming location for the project.


Our office provides location services to a wide range of projects—from student films to network television series to studio features. There is no industry standard for location fees and pricing. Every project has different location needs and varying budgets for locations. 

If your property is selected for filming, keep in mind: 

  • The production company will make an offer for compensation based on how long they need access to your property and how much they have allocated in their budget to spend.
  • Industry standards and best practices encourage securing a written location agreement document executed between the production company and the property owner, outlining the dates, rates and terms of agreement for any filming activity taking place on your property.
  • Industry standards and best practices encourage working with projects that have production insurance policies in place. Production Insurance is an industry standard that protects filmmakers, production companies and property owners supplying a location for filming purposes.
  • All terms and conditions for filming use, rates, and so forth are negotiated between the production company and the property owner, not the Texas Film Commission.


The Texas Film Commission works collaboratively with the website LocationsHub, a public-facing searchable online database, to showcase a wide range of statewide locations to productions interested in filming in Texas. LocationsHub allows the general public access to search and view a selected sampling of potential filming destinations.

If you would like to list your property in both our internal database and LocationsHub, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your privacy preferences. There is no cost to list in either of these location databases.

If you have any questions about LocationsHub, please feel free to contact us by phone at 512-463-9200 or e-mail.


Many people are not familiar with on-location filming, so the Texas Film Commission staff is here to help with any questions you may have. Please contact our office by clicking here to send us an e-mail or call 512-463-9200 and ask to speak with someone in the production department.