Caldwell County Jail Museum

Interior Photograph of Actors in the Jail

Caldwell County Jail Museum Website
Lockhart, Texas (Caldwell County)
Photo Credit: Detour Filmproduction

The Caldwell Country Museum building located at 315 E. Market Street was originally built to serve as the fourth jail for Caldwell County in 1908-09. The jail was in use until 1983 and in 1986, the Caldwell County Historical Commission was given the building for use as a museum."  

Lockhart Chamber of Commerce

Films Featured

  • The Newton Boys (1998)

    • In the beginning of The Newton Boys, Willis Newton (Matthew McConaughey) and Joe Newton (Skeet Ulrich) are thrown into the Caldwell County Jail after being accused of robbing a picture show theatre in town.
  • The Waking Life (2001)

    • In the beginning of Waking Life, an angry prisoner goes on a tirade while locked up in a jail cell filmed at the Caldwell County Jail Museum.

Film Trails

Richard Linklater Film Trail 

As Seen In Film

Caldwell Country Museum building exterior
Photo via Wiki Commons by Larry D. Moore
Interior Photograph of Actors Speaking between Cell Bars
© Detour Filmproduction
Interior of the Caldwell County Jail Cell
Photo via Flickr Creative Commons by adamj1555
Animated Man in Cartoon Version of the Jail Cell
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