July 28, 2016

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Greetings from the Texas Film Commission! Welcome to our first newsletter - NOW SHOWING! As the state’s official promoter of the film, television, commercial and video game industries, our team works to grow these industries to benefit Texans and our communities. This newsletter’s goal is to increase our communication to help you build your career, expand your business, widen your network, increase your resources, enjoy Texas’ creative culture through industry events and festivals, and support industry awareness and growth in Texas. Legislative session is just around the corner in January, and upcoming newsletters will keep you informed on news from the Capitol and in the industry.

In the meantime, we’re scouting locations across the Lone Star State for prospective productions; shows like AMC’S “The Son” and USA’s “Queen of the South” are creating jobs for Texas crews; video game/animation companies are growing in the state; and we’re developing two more Texas Film Trails for visitors to tour this fall.

I am proud to represent the amazing cast, crew members, developers and businesses who fight to make these industries in Texas special. Our office looks forward to working with you to create future opportunities and successes in the coming months. Thanks for all you do to make Texas shine as a great place for production of all kinds!

- Heather Page, Director

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