The Film Friendly Texas (FFTX) program provides ongoing training and guidance to help statewide communities effectively accommodate on-location filming and market their communities as filming destinations.

Certified communities have attended a Film Friendly Texas training workshop, have submitted photo coverage of potential filming locations for inclusion in the Texas Film Commission location database and have passed filming guidelines approved by our office.

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El Paso

Region: El Paso area

Drew Mayer-Oakes, Director
El Paso Film Commission
(915) 534-0600
(915) 534-0698

El Paso area Filmography (partial): Unlimited (2010) • The Dry Land (2010) • The Hottest State (2006) • Glory Road (2006) • Spanglish (2004) • The Day After Tomorrow (2004) •  Man on Fire (2004) • Traffic (2000) • Committed (2000) • Courage Under Fire (1996) • Last Man Standing (1996) •  Lolita (1997) •  The Heroes of Desert Storm (1991) • Blue Sky (1994) • Wild at Heart (1990) •  Fandango (1985) •  Paris, Texas (1984)

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