Finding A Digital Music Distributor

Company Profiles

The list below includes several options of sites where you can distribute your music for sale online. This list does not represent all of the available options, and you are encouraged to conduct your own research to find the best fit for you. Read the terms of service before uploading your music in order to protect your legal rights. A list of common terms is available on our Digital Distribution Common Terminology page.

Company Name: Smith Music Group / Smith Entertainment Distribution
Digital Retailers: iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Rhapsody,Tidal, eMusic, Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, MediaNet, Tradebit, VEVO, YouTube, TouchTunes and AMI Jukeboxes
Physical Retailers: : Amazon, WalMart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Ernest Tubb Record Shops, Waterloo, Cactus Records and many other traditional retailers. Also non-traditional gift stores, Cavender’s Boot City, Boot Barn, and Buc-ee’s.
UPC & ISRC Codes: Provided at no charge.
Fees: No annual fee and no upfront costs. Royalties paid monthly.
Description: Texas owned & operated since 1998. Home of Live at Billy Bob’s Texas music series. Provides direct physical and digital distribution worldwide. Digital Downloads, Ringtones, Streaming, Jukeboxes, Background Music and physical CD / Vinyl distribution everywhere music is sold.

Company Name: TuneCore
Retailers: iTunes (all stores), Napster, Amazon MP3, ShockHound, Amie Street, eMusic, Thumbplay, Spotify, Nokia music store, plus physical distribution on Amazon.
UPC & ISRC Codes: Provided free, but you may not sell or transfer.
Fees: Annual fee: $19.98; one-time fee of $0.99 per uploaded track (not per song sold)
Description: Must agree to contract for six months, with a month-to- month agreement after the six month period. Also offers streaming music.

Company Name: Advantage Program
UPC & ISRC Codes: Must have codes before applying.
Fees: $29.95 annual fee
Description: You must apply online to the Advantage Program and submit one or more titles for consideration. Once your application is approved, you list your products, provide a description, and ship your CDs to Amazon. They monitor your inventory and automatically send you an e-mail request for additional copies based on customer demand. When customers purchase your titles, your order is shipped and you get paid.

Company Name: CD Baby
Retailers: iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Napster, Spotify, Liquid Digital, Verizon V-Cast, Shockhound, Nokia, Amie Street,, Zune, MediaNet, Tradebit, GreatIndieMusic and Thumbplay
UPC & ISRC Codes: $20.00 for an album; $5 for a single song (no charge if you have existing numbers).
Fees: $39 per album; $9.95 for a single, plus commission (rates vary depending on sales model)
Description: Includes CD and download sales on, digital distribution, and physical distribution through Super D. (Same price if you only want CD sales or download sales.) CD Baby will also distribute your vinyl.

Company Name: Emubands
Retailers: eMusic, We7, MOG, FYE, Tesco Digital,, Ovi, iLike (remove--AT&T, DMX, Synacor, T-Mobile, Urge, Verizon, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, HipDigital, FYE, iMesh, MusicGremlin, Zune)
UPC & ISRC Codes: Free.
Fees: You receive 100% of sales revenue after paying a one-time fee of £24.95 for a single (1 or 2 tracks), £34.95 per EP (3 - 5 tracks) or £49.95 per album (6+ tracks). The exchange rate between US dollars and the Euro changes quickly, use a currency converter online before purchase.
Description: Register online and then submit a copy of your music and artwork electronically. Then Emubands distributes to the retailers listed above.

Company Name: iTunes
Retailers: iTunes
UPC & ISRC Codes: Required
Fees: Apply for more information
Description: Currently the world's largest music retailer.

Company Name:
UPC & ISRC Codes: N/A
Fees: Free.
Description: Users can listen to your work free of charge. Good for exposure, but you cannot sell directly through the site.

Company Name: Nimbit
Retailers: iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, CD Freedom
UPC & ISRC Codes: Provided free, but you may not sell or transfer.
Fees: You keep 80% of sales revenue; Can upgrade to Nimbit Retail (CDs, digital, merchandise) for $9.95/month or Nimbit Retail + (customizable store) for $19.95/month.
Description: Straightforward, fast uploading for digital works.

Company Name: ReverbNation
Retailers: iTunes (US), iTunes (Aus/NZ), iTunes (Canada), iTunes (UK), iTunes (EU), iTunes (Japan), Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody
UPC & ISRC Codes: Provided free, but you may not sell or transfer.
Fees: $34.95 per year for ReverbNation Essentials (35 stores), $59.95 for ReverbNation Pro (43 stores)
Description: Collect 100% of the proceeds, and get free promotional tools. Setup your albums for free and pay only when you decide to release them.

Company Name: RouteNote
Retailers: eMusic, Snocap, iTunes, imeem,, Amazon MP3, DMS
UPC & ISRC Codes: N/A
Fees: You keep 90% of revenue from sales.
Description: Retail partners cover more than 95% of the digital retail market.

Company Name: SongCast
Retailers: iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Emusic, Napster, Spotify and MediaNet
UPC & ISRC Codes: Free.
Fees: $5.99 per month, plus onetime setup fee of $19.99 per album or $9.99 per single
Description: Provides you with a customized code to link your MySpace and other website(s) directly to iTunes and other retailers. Your fans can find and purchase your music online.

Company Name: Symphonic Distribution
Retailers: iTunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody,
UPC & ISRC Codes: Free.
Fees: $25 one-time fee for artists; 1-5 Track releases cost: $10.99 (one time fee per release); 1-10 track releases cost: $19.99 (one time fee per release); 1-15 track releases costs: $29.99 (one time fee per release); 1-20 track releases costs: $39.99 (one time fee per release)
Description: Includes free promotional tools, income reporting, and detailed sales statistics.

Company Name: The Orchard
Retailers: iTunes, eMusic, Google, Netflix, Verizon, Vodafone, Bell Canada, Moderati, 3 (plus hundreds more)
UPC & ISRC Codes: Information unavailable.
Fees: Application process required.
Description: Globally distributes more than one million songs and over 4,000 hours of video programming through hundreds of digital stores and mobile carriers. With operations in 28 countries, The Orchard drives sales for its label, retailer, brand and agency clients through marketing and promotional campaigns; brand entertainment programs; and film, advertising, gaming and television licensing.