Music Friendly Communities

Shakey Graves
Texas Music's Shakey Graves performing at SuperBowl Live 2017 in Houston, TX. Photo by Rob Loud.

Becoming a Certified "Music Friendly Community"

Participation in the Texas Music Office's "Music Friendly Community" program provides Texas communities with a
network for fostering music industry development, and sends a clear message to industry professionals that certified
communities are serious about attracting and developing music industry growth.

Certification Steps:

  1. Attend a Texas Music Office sponsored Music Friendly Community workshop.
  2. Establish a City/County/Region Music Office liaison, who can respond to constituent questions. The liaison must work within a division of government, an economic development corporation, a convention & visitor's bureau, or within a 501c3 non-governmental organization.
  3. Register with the Texas Music Office’s Texas Music Industry Directory. The liaison’s organization also signs a mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that creates a working arrangement for the sharing of Music Directory data, and establishes protocols for keeping the directory information up to date.
  4. Demonstration of partnerships with the community's music-related 501c3 nonprofits in order to foster community development.
  5. Collaboration with music education programs, including area college or university music schools.

Getting Started/Additional Info:

To take the first step in becoming a certified "Music Friendly Community," just click the button below: 

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