Texas Music License Plate Sales Hit All Time High

September 29, 2017

With our fiscal year ending at the end of August, the TMO is proud to reveal that our Texas Music specialty license plate sales are at an all-time high after the office revamped the plates design and increased marketing efforts.

Based on sales reports from Texas Department of Transportation, gross revenue from license plate sales has doubled since the redesign of the plate.

The Texas Music Office License Plate Grant Program provides opportunities for the next generation of Texas musicians, and provides support for music programming in under-served and under-resourced communities.

$22 from the $30 fee from the purchase of every Texas music specialty license plate goes directly toward providing music instruments and lessons to Texas school children in need around the state. In addition, this fund is able to partner with non-profit organizations to create experiences featuring Texas music in under-served communities statewide.

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501(c)3 nonprofits may apply for grant funds via the Office of the Governor's eGrants application system here:
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To donate to the License Plate Grant fund, please contact the Texas Music Office after downloading and completing an Office of the Governor's "Gifts, Grants, Donations..." form: