St. David’s Children’s Hospital seeks musician volunteers for MyMusicRx program

February 1, 2018

The MyMusicRx program is a volunteer program that utilizes local musicians to educate and encourage children through music. St. David's Children's Hospital is seeking volunteers may come once a week for a three hour slot to walk the halls and interact with children as they bring the gift of music through games, songs and lessons. Volunteers will be trained on how interact with children, enter a child’s room, ensure safety measures are followed and so much more! To learn more about what MyMusicRx offers patients, please visit:

  • What is the best way for anyone that is interested to sign-up to volunteer? Contact the Volunteer Services department at (512) 901-1223
  • Who do the volunteers contact? Carol Germer (contact number above)
  • What is the time commitment? Once a week for a 3 hour time slot
  • Do the artists need experience as music therapists? No experience is required as a music therapist
  • Who should the volunteers contact if they have additional questions? Evan Ogden at