Texas Radio Station Application Questions

The Texas Music Office refers more than 14,000 prospective clients each year to businesses and radio stations. To be listed in our Business Referral Network, please copy, paste and answer these questions in an e-mail to music@gov.texas.gov

1. What are the station call letters and frequency?

2. What Texas town do you broadcast in?

3. Who is your General Manager? Program Director? Music Director?

4. What is the station’s postal mailing address, including company, street, city, and zip code?

5. What is the station’s business phone number (including area code) and email address?
Which do you prefer people use to contact you?

6. What is the station’s request number or email?

7. Please provide the web address of up to four sites you would like posted in your TMO listing. These may include: Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, ReverbNation, or SonicBids, etc.

8. What formats do you program?

9. Do you have a program that specifically plays Texas music?

10. What is it called and who should we contact about it?