October 26, 2018 to October 28, 2018


Downtown Flatonia 100 North East Main Street Flatonia, TX

About the Event:

Event Producer:

The Flatonia Chamber of Commerce
Beverly Z. Ponder, Executive Director
P.O. Box 610;
Flatonia TX 78941-0610
(361) 865-3920

Music: Country, Cowboy, Pop, Rock, Tejano

Activities: Music festival, Singing contests, Street dance, czhilil/bbq cook-offs

Czhilispiel is a nod to Flatonia’s Czech and German heritage. First, the name comes from a play on the word “Chili.” The addition of the “z” is a play on a Czech spelling, and the German work “spiel” means play. The festival started in 1973 to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Flatonia. Czhilispiel began as a fundraiser to help fund a local Flatonia student's medical school education. At the time Flatonia needed a doctor, so the residents organized the Czech heritage festival and chili cook-off, Czhilispiel. The student agreed to serve the community for at least five years after completing medical school, but ended up staying longer. Czhilispiel continues to use proceeds from the event to benefit local needs, whether for students or community services. Over the years, Czhilispiel has grown from a small cook-off to a larger event with a concert series, biergarten, carnival, parade, arts and crafts market, 5K and various activities throughout the weekend. It is held every year on the fourth full weekend of October.

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