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Trinity Valley Community College | Music Department

  • 100 Cardinal Drive, Athens, TX 75751
  • (903) 675-6372 (903) 675-6351
  • Mary Tidwell, Music Department Coordinator • Dr. Byron McGilvray, Choral/Vocal Music
  • Website
  • Music Department Statistics
    • Year department established: 1946
    • Undergraduate students: 30
    • Graduate students: 0
    • Doctoral students: 0
    • Full-time professors: 3
    • Part-time instructors: 4
    • Student-Teacher ratio: 25:1
    • Undergraduate degree hours needed: 71-73
    • (within major: 31;
    • within minor: NA)
    • Teaching certification: no
    • Internship required: no
    • Recording facility: no
    • Scholarships available: yes
  • Schlarships are available by various amounts depending on the department and include scholarships for: Band (Concert, Jazz, Marching), Choral Music, Piano/Organ, Music/Guitar
  • Scholarship coordinator and phone: Michael Matchael (903)675-6222
  • Accreditations/Affiliations: Affiliations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Our growing and expanding department has a reputation for musical excellence. Here in the TVCC Music Department, we create a solid musical foundation in our students. This enables them to transfer to a university with confidence. The faculty is dedicated to helping students acquire the skills needed to enter many musical fields. Your success as both a student and a musician is the goal of the Music Department faculty. We look forward to serving your needs and would welcome you as a part of the student body at Trinity Valley Community College.
  • Choral ensemble are directed by Dr. Byron McGilvray (903) 675-6351 and include the Cardinal Singers (43 students), Chamber Choir (18 students), Encore (12 students) and the community chorus. Instrumental ensembles are directed by Will Fairbanks (903) 675-6222 and include the Cardinal Regiment Marching Band (50 students), Wild Card Jazz Band (19 students), Dixieland Jazz Band (7 students), brass ensemble (5 students) percussion ensemble (10 students) and community band (30 students).
  • The Oral Pirtle Auditorium is equipped with 449 seats including 18 handicapped for a total of 467 seats. Contact LaDonna Davis (903) 675-6384.
  • Overall enrollment: 5,043
  • Typical undergraduate tuition: $1,680