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Czech Center Museum

  • 4920 San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX 77004
  • (713) 528-2060
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  • Genre: Polka
  • Subcategories: Music archives • Organizations/Associations
  • Established in 1995, the Czech Center Museum Houston (CCMH) is a 501-c-3 non-profit cultural arts organization, with no political or religious affiliation. The Center is based in Houston and was created to celebrate, share and promote the rich cultural abundance of a major Slavic ethnic group and their history. With a worldwide membership composed of members with multiple heritages, its museum and cultural center are considered essential resources for learning about one of our nation's diverse cultures and interwoven histories with others. The goal of the Center is to continue to offer presentations of non-biased, non-political and non-religious events, resulting in a blend of harmonious experiences for people of all ethnicities interested in the culture of a group of Slavs that settled in the central region of Europe and in particular their connection with the Austro-Hungarian Empire out of which multiple nations have derived. For the past fourteen years, CCMH has continued to succeed with highly acclaimed programs to highlight 1,500 years of a group of people settling in central Europe, thanks to the thousands of volunteer hours and community support. In 2007, CCMH joined a group of eighteen museums in the Museum District of Houston to bring its cultural resources to focus on a rich cultural group that has settled in the United States and played a large part in the history of our nation.

    Houston Blues Museum, Inc.

    • P.O. Box 130175, Houston, TX 77219
    • (713) 489-4628 • (281) 221-1580
    • Sandra Scott, President • Ann E. Witucki, Treasurer
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    • Subcategory: Music archives
    • The mission of the Houston Blues Museum, a 501(c)(3) organization since 2010, is to honor Texas and Gulf Coast musicians and preserve, promote, and perpetuate the history, culture and appreciation for blues music. The purpose of the Houston Blues Museum is to establish a museum dedicated to the acquisition, historical preservation, study, and education of art and artifacts honoring the rich blues heritage in Houston, the Gulf Coast, and across the globe. Until the Houston Blues Museum secures a permanent space, the museum sponsors temporary exhibits in the Houston area and increases community awareness and involvement by collaborating with institutions such as The Heritage Society, Discovery Green, The Houston Symphony, The African American Library at the Gregory School, and The Society for the Performing Arts.

      Houston Public Library | Texas Room

      • 550 McKinney Street, Houston, TX 77002
      • (832) 393-1662
      • Elizabeth Sargent, Manager • Caroline Castillo, Oral History and Outreach Librarian
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      • Genres: Blues • Jazz
      • Subcategory: Music archives
      • Established: 1987
        The Houston Public Library's Texas Jazz Archives consists primarily of photographs and oral histories of Texas jazz musicians. The collection has expanded to include oral histories with Texas Blues/Soul musicians.

        Ink Spots Museum | Long Films Studio

        • 117 East 20th Street, Houston, TX 77008
        • (713) 677-9736
        • Anita Long, Curator • Anita Long, Curator/ Producer
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        • Genres: A cappella • Classical • Jazz
        • Subcategories: Music archives • Video production
        • Affiliations: NARIP
        • Established: 2006
          The Ink Spots Museum, featuring Huey Long, and Long Films Studio are both located in Houston. Long was the last living member of the historic vocal group which, beginning in the 1930s, helped build a foundation for the future of rhythm and blues. On Juneteenth 2006, The Huey “Ink Spot” Long Living History Music Museum was born. Long Films is dedicated to strengthening inter-generational relationships in the community though participation, educational workshops and multimedia training for small business and entrepreneurs of all ages.

          Museum of American Music History

          • 945 McKinney Street, No. 124, Houston, TX 77002
          • (713) 529-9387
          • Charles Dabney, Executive Director • Dr. Thomas DeGregori, Coordinating Committee Vice Chair • Dr. Louis Marchiafava, Archivist and Oral Historian
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          • Subcategory: Music archives
          • Affiliations: American Association of Museums • Smithsonian Institution
          • Established: 1999
            The Museum of American Music History-Texas (MAMH) is a collaborative effort of music families, collectors, historians, libraries, archives, museums and halls of fame dedicated to the research, preservation, and exhibition of 19th and 20th Century American music history. Collectively, the Smithsonian Institution, the Hispanic Entertainment Archives, the Arnett Cobb Texas Music Foundation, the Western Heritage Historical Society, the Texas Jazz Archives @ Houston Public Library, other music entities and several distinguished universities have teamed as development affiliates for the MAMH program. The MAMH project has recently initiated an unprecedented singer/songwriter video oral history program through the Western Heritage division, the Jazz-n-Blues division has been in historical preservation for more than 20 years, and the Hispanic Archives division represents one of the most comprehensive Tejano databases available.

            Rice University | Fondren Library | MS 44 | Brown Fine Arts Library

            • P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251-1892
            • (713) 348-4832
            • Mary Brower, Music Librarian
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            • Genre: Classical
            • Subcategory: Music archives
            • Established: 1985
              The Brown Fine Arts Library music collection currently consists of over 90,000 books, scores, and audiovisual materials, most of which relate to Western classical music. Special collections include the Henry Leigh Bartlett Collection of books about Beethoven, the Scott Heumann Collection of opera recordings, and 18th century French vocal scores. Circulation of materials outside the library is restricted to members of the Rice University community, but everyone is welcome to use the materials in the library. Located at 6100 Main Street.

              Texas Music Library Association

              • P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251-1892
              • (214) 671-8337 • (214) 768-1855
              • Keith Chapman, Chair (Rice) • Clayton Crenshaw, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (Baylor) • Mary Brower, Secretary-Treasurer • Maristella Feustle, Past Chair
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              • Subcategories: Music archives • Organizations/Associations
              • Established: 1974
                The Texas Chapter of the Music Library Association is devoted to music librarianship and to all aspects of music materials in Texas libraries. Our membership is open to anyone with an interest in music and libraries. TMLA encourages the establishment, use, and growth of music libraries and collections of music and musical literature in libraries within the state of Texas. The organization facilitates exchange of information regarding availability and diffusion of musical materials in Texas libraries, fosters the sharing of resources, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of problems regarding all aspects of work with music materials.

                University of Houston Libraries | Special Collections and Archives

                • 114 University Libraries, Houston, TX 77204-2000
                • (713) 743-9750 • (713) 743-9744
                • Pat Bozeman, Head of Special Collections • Julie Grob, Coordinator of Digital Projects & Instruction / Special Collections and Music archives
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                • Subcategory: Music archives
                • Established: 1968
                  Special Collections at the University of Houston Libraries holds music collections including the Ima Hogg Symphony Programs Collection, the Professor David Ashley White Papers which includes the composer's published and manuscript scores, the H. David Kaplan Performing Arts Collection which documents local opera companies including the Houston Grand Opera, and the Houston Saengerbund Records which chronicles the historic German singing society. Special Collections also holds a large quantity of printed sheet music primarily from the 19th century. In 2011, a new archive of late Houston rap legend DJ Screw was added to the collection. The department is located on the 2nd floor of M.D. Anderson Library on the main University of Houston campus.

                  University of Houston | Music Library

                  • 114 University Libraries, Houston, TX 77204-2000
                  • (713) 743-3197 • (713) 743-3196
                  • Stephanie Lewin-Lane, Head of the Music Library • Paula Truitt, Library Supervisor • Gustavo Paredes, Library Specialist • Tammy Ravas, Assistant Librarian
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                  • Genres: Classical • Jazz
                  • Subcategory: Music archives
                  • Established: 1968
                    The Music Library houses over 55,000 books, scores and periodicals, and over 33,000 sound recordings. The collection focuses primarily on Western classical music, with smaller collections of materials on popular and folk musics as well as jazz. Collections include the Robert D. Jobe Recorded Music Collection. Everyone is welcome to use the facility; however, the library's primary purpose is to support the teaching and research needs of the Moores School of Music. Printed items, compact discs and videocassettes can be searched in the UH Library Catalog. Classical albums and tapes are accessible via a card catalog near the circulation desk. Located in The Moores School of Music Building on the corner of Cullen and Entrance 16. The Library is on the second floor, room 220.

                    Western Heritage Historical Society

                    • 1511 West 12th Street, Houston, TX 77008
                    • (713) 529-9387 • (281) 351-6293
                    • Gene Cutting, Interim Director
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                    • Genre: Country
                    • Subcategories: Music archives • Organizations/Associations
                    • Affiliations: American Association of Museums • Smithsonian Institution
                    • Established: 1999
                      The Western Heritage Historical Society (WHHS) is the Americana programming division for the Museum of American Music History Project, a Texas, nonprofit 501(c)3, educational, cultural arts, museum development organization. The Society is devoted to collecting, preserving, interpreting and presenting the founding heritage of the Southwest region of the United States in music, art, literature and cultural. The preservation focus of the Society covers: European heritage music (German, Polish, Czech, French, Irish, etc.); bluegrass and country, western, western trail, Texas folk, Cajun, Texas country, Texas country blues, Texas outlaw, Gospel, Christian country, contemporary Christian, rockabilly, rock and roll, contemporary rock, blues rock, and all singer-songwriter profiles now characterized as Americana.

                      Association for Recorded Sound Collections | Texas Chapter (ARSC - TX)

                      • 22004 Sherrod Lane, Spring, TX 77389-4539
                      • (281) 288-7826
                      • Kurt Nauck III, President • Charles Waters, Secretary
                      • WebsiteEmail
                      • Subcategories: Music archives • Organizations/Associations
                      • Affiliations: International Association of Sound Archives (IASA)
                      • Established: 1996
                        The Association for Recorded Sound Collections is an international association of music librarians, sound archivists, collectors, historians, reviewers, musicians, dealers, discographers, media producers, appraisers, and recording engineers. Through publications and meetings, ARSC provides a forum for the development and dissemination of discographic information in all fields and periods of recording and in all sound media. In addition, ARSC works to encourage the preservation of historical recordings, to promote the exchange and dissemination of research and information about them, and to foster an increased awareness of the importance of recorded sound in our cultural heritage.