Other Commissions for Women

Women’s Chambers of Commerce

Women & Leadership

  • Executive Women in Texas Government - A nonprofit organization that develops and encourages leadership among women in Texas government and higher education.
  • Texas Women’s Coalition - A new, progressive, nonpartisan organization working to promote communication and incite action among its members.
  • Leadership Texas - A leadership program that provides valuable education and training to Texas women leaders who want to improve their leadership skills and expand their knowledge of the diverse issues, dynamics and cultures affecting the State of Texas.
  • Power Pipeline - A program created in 1996 to provide emerging women leaders with the opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced women leaders.
  • Foundation for Women’s Resources - A private, nonprofit, educational organization that develops programs and projects to advance and improve the economic, personal and professional status of women.
  • Pipeline to the Presidency - An initiative to enhance the role women play within the political process.
  • Handbook of Texas Online: Women and Politics - Part of the The University of Texas at Austin’s “digital gateway to Texas history.”

Women & the Vote


  • Texas Conference for Women - An annual event hosted by the Governor and First Lady of Texas, featuring speakers, sessions and seminars designed to inform and inspire Texas women.
  • TexasLawHelp - A one–stop website where low-income Texans can get information about their legal rights and find out about free legal assistance in their area.