Our Reports

Our Core Principles

Women comprise more than half of the population in Texas, and the Women’s Commission is firmly committed to promoting and advancing the personal and professional status of women. The Governor’s Commission for Women aims to inspire Texas women and men to come together in order to overcome issues, challenges, and obstacles with solutions that benefit all Texans.

We operate from the following core principles:

  • Empowering. We support programs and activities that have the primary objective of empowering and enabling women business owners
  • Relevant. We identify and research topics and trends that significantly affect the women of Texas
  • Resourceful. We collect and maintain information on programs and initiatives of state agencies and on legislation relating to women, and monitor federal and state legislation relating to issues affecting women
  • Informative. We increase public awareness of issues affecting women through the distribution of information, media events, referrals, and public and community outreach programs
  • Collaborative. We maintain ongoing collaboration between state government and private sector professionals acting as advocates for policies, programs, and initiatives that support the Commission’s work
  • Encouraging. We promote and celebrate the accomplishments of Texas women by recognizing and honoring their achievements

Output Measures

The Commission submits output measures to the Legislative Budget Board tracking the number of women’s and community outreach activities conducted each year. These events, conferences, and projects are a direct correlation to our objective to increase the awareness of women’s issues facing Texas women.

The Commission did not have an Executive Director during AY2017, but quickly ramped up and exceeded its FY2018 annual targets achieving 268% of its annual goal.

2018 Year in Review Infographic

Our Reports

The Commission also releases biennial reports (every two years) which highlight our most significant accomplishments, and provide detail on our projects, events, and research since the last report.