Honoring Legislative Women

Spring of 2019 – Coming Soon

Throughout history, women have made their make on our nation and Texas. Biennially (odd years), the Governor’s Commission for Women hosts a luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion to recognize and honor the contributions of the women of the Texas Legislature, while raising awareness of the Commission’s work. Proceeds from the biennial event fund the Commission’s non-profit organization, The Beacon State Fund, which supports Commission programs and initiative.

The Governor’s Business Forum for Women – Fall 2019

Locations Announced!

Past Events

Texas Women’s Hall of Fame

Governor’s Mansion
Austin, TX

The Texas Women’s Hall of Fame is presented by the Governor’s Commission for Women Biennially (even years). The Governor’s Commission for Women established the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame in 1984 to honor the State’s most accomplished women. The Hall of Fame recognizes Women from and/or in Texas whose contributions have improved Texas and their particular discipline, field or profession. The Hall of Fame has various categories: art, community service, education, leadership, health, science and business.

Every other year, the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame award ceremony recognizes the achievements of women selected for induction. Texas residents submit nominations and a bi-partisan, independent panel of judges selects the recipients who will be inducted. The Texas Women’s Hall of Fame permanent exhibit is located at the Texas Woman’s University Denton Campus. The exhibit features the biographies and photographs of the more than 100 pioneering women who have left their mark on the great state of Texas.

Outstanding Women in Texas Government

September 5th, 2018

Hyatt Regency Austin
208 Barton Springs Road – Texas Ballroom
Austin, TX 78704

In 1983, the State Agency Council was formed to support the goals of the Governor’s Commission for Women while providing professional development training and community service. Since its inception, one of the Council’s most celebrated achievements has been the Outstanding Women in Texas Government Awards, which honors exceptional Texas women who work in state government, who do not hold elected or appointed positions, and who have helped shape Texas by contributing their talents and skills to state service. 

Annually, the State Agency Council presents the Outstanding Women in Texas Government awards. Across Texas, Executive Directors nominate women to be considered for this honor and an independent selection committee reviews the nominations. The selected four women’s contributions to their workplace or community best exemplify four categories: Outstanding Community Involvement, Leadership, Management, and Professional Development.

State Agency Council sponsored Female Entrepreneurship Panel

August 21, 2018

Robert E. Johnson Center
1501 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78759

A panel discussion on how to start a Women Owned Business in Texas by the State Agency Council to the Texas Governor’s Commission for Women. Panelists include:

  • Celia Bell (Business Certified Mentor and Vice President of Community Development for SCORE)
  • Stacy Rhone (Chief Executive Officer at Business Investment Growth)
  • Nathali Parker (Co-Owner and Founder of KLP Commercial)
  • Patti Winstantely (President, Aztec Promotional Family of Companies)
  • Caren Kelher (Founder and President, Gold Rush Vinyl)