Topic - Victims Services

CJD seeks to help crime victims by providing victims assistance agencies with the resources they need to support healing and restoration. CJD promotes coordinated local service systems that involve multiple disciplines and support seamless delivery. We seek to create a state in which service providers and communities recognize the power of prevention, education, and individual empowerment, while simultaneously fostering an environment of intolerance for violent acts of crime.

Eligible Funding Areas

CJD supports victims services programs to reduce the impact of crime on victims' lives and the community at large. CJD grant programs provided a range of advocacy services for victim/survivors of crime. Some of the services include:

  • Casework, Non-Licensed Counseling, Individual Advocacy, or Other Support - Support not necessarily delivered by a licensed professional and not aimed at developing specific life, social, or emotional skills.
  • Counseling, Therapy, or Other Care Performed by a Licensed Professional - Counseling or therapy delivered by licensed professionals.
  • Emergency Shelter, Housing, or Transportation - Emergency shelter, transitional housing, foster care support, etc.
  • Equipment and Technology. Includes equipment acquisition and training specifically on the equipment/technology purchased with grant funds.
  • Instruction and Support for Life, Social, or Emotional Skills - Instruction for program participants, targeted populations, at-risk populations, etc., to develop life, social or emotional skills.
  • Legal Assistance. Assistance - performed by lawyers or others - with civil legal issues directly related recovering from the victimization.
  • Program Evaluation and Assessment - Evaluation of criminal justice programs and assessment of organizational or system effectiveness, needs, or appropriate responses.
  • Targeted Prosecution or Investigation - The investigation or prosecution of specific populations or crimes by a law enforcement agency or prosecutor’s office.
  • Training, Professional Development, or Technical Assistance Received - Training and professional development for professionals or volunteers within the applicant’s organization or technical assistance to help organizations execute programs more effectively or efficiently.

For fuller information about eligible funding areas, to learn more, or to review current funding opportunities, see eGrants for current opportunities.