Topic - Juvenile in Jails & Lockups

Juvenile in Jails & Lockups

The federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act of 2002 requires states to provide for an adequate system of monitoring facilities capable of detaining youth with regards to the core requirements of 1) Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders (DSO), 2) Sight and Sound Separation, and 3) Jail Removal. As a condition of administering funding under the JJDP Act, CJD is responsible for on-site monitoring for compliance with these core requirements. This inspection process allows for validation of reports and technical assistance where needed.

In connection to these requirements, CJD is also responsible for collecting the required Juvenile Jail Log Questionnaires from all sheriff and police departments in Texas. In 2016, CJD streamlined this process by replacing the Juvenile Jail Log with a Juvenile Log Questionnaire. A Juvenile Log Questionnaire must now be completed and submitted for each facility. Despite these new changes, each agency is still required to maintain complete and accurate records of juveniles, as it may be subject to a review at any time. You may download a Juvenile Jail Log Template to help your facility maintain juvenile records each fiscal year. The Juvenile Jail Log Template will allow your agency to focus on the information needed to complete the new questionnaire.

Submit completed Juvenile Log Questionnaires to by November 1, each year for the previous federal fiscal year of October 1 through September 30. CJD may follow up with departments after submission with questions or clarifications.