Topic - Criminal Justice

To be safer in our communities we must focus on a spectrum of solutions throughout the criminal justice system. It does not stop at prevention, or even arrest. We must support projects that effectively prosecute crimes, offer legitimate alternatives to common court practices, and reduce recidivism so that our communities are safer for the longer haul.

Eligible Funding Areas

CJD-funded projects include specialty courts, special prosecution, and post-adjudication projects, including treatment and reentry. 

  • Corrections and Recidivism Reduction. Projects that seek to reduce criminal recidivism among incarcerated or formerly incarcerated offenders.  
  • Crime Prevention. Projects that seek to prevent crime before it occurs through intervention or education efforts focused on risk factors.
  • Equipment and Technology. Projects that provide critical equipment for law enforcement or others in the criminal justice system to improve safety or the ability to be more effective or efficient at justice-related efforts. Also includes technology that supports more efficient or up-to-date forensics, data systems, or crime reporting.
  • Law Enforcement Operations. Projects that provide heightened or targeted patrol or investigations necessary to solve a specific problem or meet a specific goal.
  • Specialty Courts. Projects that work to reduce recidivism by establishing special court programs that focus on the underlying issues connected to criminal behavior such as substance abuse or mental health issues. Learn more about specialty courts or register a court program.
  • Targeted Courts and Prosecution. Projects that support more effective prosecution or increase the effectiveness of courts.
  • Training. Projects that provide critical training for law enforcement officers and others in the justice system needed to ensure a high level of professional knowledge and skills.

For fuller information about eligible funding areas, to learn more, or to review current funding opportunities, see eGrants for current opportunities.