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Andrea Sparks, J.D.
As Director of the Child Sex Trafficking Team, Andrea Sparks works with state and national leaders in the public and private sector to develop and lead strategies to achieve the Team’s mission of preventing child sex trafficking, identifying its victims, providing the short and long term trauma informed interventions to help survivors heal and thrive, and bringing justice for victims by holding their exploiters and those who profit from it accountable.  Before her appointment by the Governor in 2016, Andrea served as the Executive Director of the National Center for Missing Children’s Texas Regional Office and the Director of Public Affairs for Texas CASA. 

Alan Schonborn
Associate Director for Strategic Development
As Associate Director of Strategic Development, Alan Schonborn oversees the development of the regional continua of survivor care and local care coordination teams across the state.  Alan also develops strategies for continuous improvement and expansion of these key elements of the Team’s strategy, including supervision of the CSTT Regional Administrators.  Before joining the Child Sex Trafficking Team, Alan served as Vice President of Program Development for ACH Child and Family Services and Vice President at Juliette Fowler Homes. 

Todd Latiolais, J.D.
Associate Director for Prevention and Policy
As Associate Director for Prevention and Policy, Todd Latiolais leads the Teams’ efforts in improving state law and policies and in preventing child sex trafficking by increasing awareness, providing prevention education to children and their caregivers, building resiliency in at risk youth and disrupting the market and curbing demand for the sexual exploitation of children. Prior to joining the Child Sex Trafficking Team, Todd served as a Staff Attorney at Children at Risk. 

Janet Kasper, LBSW
East Texas Regional Administrator, Houston Office
As East Texas Regional Administrator, Janet Kasper collaborates with a variety of public and private stakeholders across the southeast region to develop a continuum of survivor care from prevention to long-term restoration and justice.  Janet will help work with stakeholders to help ensure that the regional continuum is trauma-responsive, victim-centered, collaborative and continuously improving.  Prior to joining the Child Sex Trafficking Team, Janet served as the Director of Community Youth Outreach, which is a resource/drop-in center for homeless youth in Montgomery County.

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