St. Cecilia Music Series 2017-18 Season


September 29, 2017


First Presbyterian Church of Austin, 8001 Mesa Drive, Austin, TX

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First Presbyterian Church of Austin
8001 Mesa Drive
Austin, TX 78731
(512) 345-8866




Concert season

The most beautiful music you’ve never heard. This is the essence of the St. Cecilia Music Series. SCMS aims to fill in the blanks between Buxtehude and Bach. Between Dufay and Dandrieu. Between Monteverdi and Marcello. After a single performance from St. Cecilia, you’ll know that beyond all the composers you’ve already heard rest scores of other unknown or under-known artists of equal and sometimes greater talent. SCMS focuses on this music between the lines of history in hopes of offering a more complete, authentic story of early music.
Ayreheart was founded by GRAMMY-nominated lutenist Ronn McFarlane, who strives to bring the lute – the most popular instrument of the Renaissance -­ into today’s musical mainstream and make it accessible to a wider audience. High art Renaissance music meets traditional folk music of the time in this captivating and uplifting performance. With two lutes, vocals, colascione (a kind of bass lute), and percussion, Ayreheart shows how surprisingly similar the two genres are. The band centers around the versatile lute textures created by Ronn McFarlane, both as accompaniment and lead instrument. He conceived and founded the group in the wake of his 2009 Grammy nomination for the album Indigo Road, consisting of his contemporary works for lute.

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