Eastside Kings Festival


September 8, 2018 to September 10, 2018


Austin, TX

About the Event:

Event Producer:

Dialtone Records/Dynaflow Records/Eastside Kings Festival
Eddie Stout, Owner
P.O. Box 133; Austin, TX 78767
(512) 228-8434

Music: Blues, Gospel, Jazz

Activities: Music festival

The Eastside Kings Festival line-up has just been released. And, for its sixth year, this upstart Austin festival, located in the neighborhoods where the music began, is again showing off the roots music that the organizers just won’t let fade away. It’s back to two evenings with opening day guitar and harmonica workshops at Austin Vintage Guitars and a kick-off party/Blues Awards at C-Boys Night Club on Sept 7th. This is a can’t miss event. Anchors this year again are the whirling blues artist, Supper Chicken,: and Classie Ballou who makes his way in from Waco to provide some Louisiana sauce; and local favorite, Birdlegg, Andrea Dawson and Orange Jefferson. These artists have been around since the beginning of the fest and help give it the feel of a family reunion. Each year, there is an opportunity to discover new artists as club goers wander from venue to venue. Liljay, Cookie McGee and Ernie Johnnson will make their way from there base in Dallas, and a triple threat of queens – Jewel Brown, Crystal Thomas and Barbara Lynn. Keith Dunn, a huge hit for the first time last year, will also return to town.

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