Dry Devil’s River Music Flood


October 7, 2017


Sutton County Park, Sonora, TX

About the Event:

The Flood began as most things do...small. Initially designed to be a street dance in downtown Sonora, The Dry Devil's River Music Flood did most of it's initial growth during the early planning stages in 2012.

Highly motivated and taking a "cut no corners approach" the flood moved away from downtown Sonora to the Sutton County Park and instead of booking one band they booked over 8 (the headliner Cooder Graw was Texas' hottest band in the mid 2000's). Cooder Graw's supporting bands constituted two of the fastest trending bands in Texas Music (Rodney Parker and the 50 Peso Reward and The Thieving Birds). This event is designed with the thought that, "If You Book Them They Will Come"....and in 2012 they did come.

The success in 2012 has allowed the Flood to grow much faster than the planners had thought, and in 2013 the band selection committee was able to book a monster lineup of bands in 2013! With headliner Bart Crow being one of the hottest bands in Texas Music and the national appeal of Chris Knight, Parker McCollumn and the Dirty River Boys, the Flood waters crested even higher in 2016 with a lineup that included Bart Crow, Chris Knight, Dirty River Boys, Parker McCollum and the Statesboro Revue.

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