Chamber Music International Concert Season 2017-2018


May 18, 2018


Dallas City Performance Hall, Dallas Arts District, 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, TX

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Chamber Music International
Philip Lewis
Chamber Music International, P.O. Box 140092
Dallas, TX 75214-0092




Concert season

Here come the winds with pianist Jon Nakamatsu in a Trio of Mendelssohn, a Quintet of Beethoven, and a Sextet of Ludwig Thuille.
IMAGINE the world's most acclaimed musicians brought together for a single performance – not in London, New York, or Prague, but here in North Texas. Our 31st season presents 30 superstars of classical music in seven unique concert programs – just for you.
DISCOVER brilliant young prizewinners from across the globe, performing with celebrated virtuosi. Our "ensemble for an evening" format gives performances a remarkable electricity and freshness.
EXPERIENCE the intimacy of our concerts. Watch the dynamic interplay among the artists, hear their breath quicken, as they paint a canvas of sound that fills the hall or hushes it to the quietness of a falling leaf.
ENJOY the world's most beloved classical music, performed by its most admired masters. Chamber Music International's 31st Season presents a once-in-a-lifetime experience with timeless music.

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