P.A. Workshop

What is a P.A.?

A Production Assistant (PA) is an entry-level position that assists with general tasks on a film, television or commercial production. Most PAs work in the production department with the First or Second Assistant Director to provide support and communication to multiple departments. PAs may also work in the production office or in other departments, such as the art, wardrobe or locations department.

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About The Workshop

The Texas Film Commission’s P.A. Workshop is a two-day, intensive introductory course that teaches the requirements of the job.

Taught by working industry professionals, the workshop includes:

  • instruction in terminology,
  • set etiquette and paperwork;
  • opportunities to ask questions and learn from crew members in all areas of production;
  • simulations of on-set work flow;
  • how to write an appropriate resume and
  • tips for a successful job search.

Workshop Benefits

In addition to training, the workshop is designed to introduce participants to professional crew persons that live and work in their area, which provides networking opportunities for finding employment. Upon completing the workshop, participants receive a P.A. Workshop Training Certificate from the Texas Film Commission.

Participants are also eligible for further Texas Film Commission training in specialized production departments, which may include:

  • Camera
  • Grip
  • Locations
  • Set Dressing and Props
  • Video Assist
  • Lighting
  • Art Department/Set Construction
  • Production Sound
  • Wardrobe

Requirements to Register

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • A legal resident of Texas
  • Have a valid photo ID
  • Must be legally eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Must have minimum math and reading skills (English)

Upcoming Workshops

There are no workshops currently scheduled at this time.

Visit the Industry Events Calendar on our website for information on other industry-related workshops in Texas. If you would like to be notified when future workshops are scheduled, please send an email to film [at] gov.texas.gov with your name, workshop title, and contact information.

Past P.A. Workshops & Our Partners

  • San Antonio - San Antonio Film Commission / Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP)
  • El Paso - El Paso Film Commission / Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP)
  • Laredo - Laredo Community College
  • San Antonio - San Antonio College
  • Austin - Austin Film Society
  • Waco - Texas State Technical College, Waco
  • El Paso - El Paso College
  • Houston - Southwest Alternate Media Project / Houston Community College
  • Dallas - Women In Film.Dallas
  • Lubbock - Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts
  • Brownsville / Harlingen - Texas State Technical College, Harlingen
  • Corpus Christi - Southwest Alternate Media Project
  • Marshall - Texas State Technical College, Marshall