WorldFest-Houston Intl Film Festival

  • Project Type: Other
  • Pay Status: Paid
  • Location: Houston
  • Start Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2019
  • Wrap Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Via WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival:
Full time, paid staff assignment (10am to 6pm, Monday-Friday - with longer hours as the festival grows closer). The Entry Director handles all the details of every entry in the 52nd annual WorldFest.

Requires excellent computer database (Excel) skills to manage the 4,500 entry database. Position involves close contact and communication with all festival entrants from 75 nations.

Recording jury scores from the 10 juries, sending out info to the entrants about possible awards, festival attendance, premieres, travel and detailed filmmaker communication.

This is a complex and critically important staff position on Team WorldFest. A paid position with Festival VIP Passes and the opportunity to personally meet the top award winning intl filmmakers. This is a difficult and demanding assignment that requires exceptional attention to detail and strong mission-focus.

Six of our prior Entry Directors have vice-president positions in Hollywood, and 5 are women! All made their job contacts via WorldFest, they started in basic positions (the mail room) and over time rose to VP positions at Disney, Paramount and Columbia Pictures. Great team working conditions, free parking, secure offices, Friday Team Lunch provided by the festival, a chance to see great new films and meet brilliant new filmmakers. WorldFest literally discovered Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee, the Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott, Randal Kleiser, Oliver Stone, David Lynch, John Lee Hancock with their first awards! You could meet the next Ang Lee or George Lucas.

This is a very complex and detailed job assignment that is not for everybody. WorldFest is the oldest, longest running Independent Film Festival in the world, an exceptional but demanding job opportunity. You will be an integral part of Team WorldFest - to produce the 52nd Annual WorldFest-Houston Intl Film Festival, a 12-person team with Interns and volunteers. We have both full time volunteer positions and 'Adopt A Day' positions.

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Project posted November 20, 2018