• Project Type: Webisodes
  • Pay Status: Paid
  • Production Company / Studio: Next Actor Films - Lake Camp Productions
  • Location: Houston
  • Start Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • Shooting Schedule: 7 days

Via Next Actor Films, currently seeking the following roles:

RON: 28 - 35 Caucasian - Male 
Engineer, OCD, trying to settle down but the dates are not going smooth.

GINA: 36 - 44 Open ethnicity 
Owner of the artist's cafe where everyone brings in their problem.

BOSS: 45 - 60 Native Texan - Male 
Ron's boss who is suddenly running for office, and trying to clean up his homophobic image.

MIA: 24 - 28 Open ethnicity - Female
Bartender-screenwriter, getting into the dating game after a break up.

NIKI: 23 - 26 Caucasian or Hispanic 
Investment banker during the day, standup comedian at night.

RHONDA: 24 - 28 Open ethnicity - Female
 A little too serious of an actress who works at the cafe.

TIFFANY: 30 - 35
Openly gay costume designer.

CHARLENE: 30- 35 
Tiffany's therapist.

MRS. ROBINSON: 60s - 70s Female
Gina's landlady.

KENYA: late 40s - mid 50s
Bohemian artist whose paintings are sold at the dhaba.


Submit resumes to: nextactorhouston@gmail.com

As with any workplace, the film and television industries can present a wide range of potential occupational health and safety hazards to workers. The Texas Film Commission expects all productions, regardless of budget to employ best practices such as establishing a workplace harassment prevention policy as well as maintaining overall industry safety standards in order to encourage and accomplish safety on set. Please visit the Safety On Set page for additional industry safety resources as well as information about employee rights and laws in Texas.

Project posted January 2, 2019