• Project Type: Independent Short
  • Pay Status: Unpaid
  • Production Company / Studio: Mothersh1p
  • Location: Dallas
  • Start Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018
  • Shooting Schedule: 4 Days (2 Weekends)
  • Wrap Date: Sunday, December 16, 2018

Via Mothersh1p, currently seeking cast:
Please send a video audition of the side posted for each role. You may apply for more than one role but please submit separate audition videos per role.

[EARL] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 50-68] – Lead Role
No particular race. Average build, single, divorced-twice. No kids. Doesn’t talk to ex-wives. No pets. Works at a call center somewhere- think Frontier/Convergys. His office looks a sea of cubicles in a warehouse with people on computers and phone headsets.

He’s a functioning alcoholic and frequents the same bar nearly every night. He always drinks the same cheap liquor, Kentucky Deluxe, double, on the rocks with a lime. He listens to old Marty Robins albums and throws darts at a board with a photo of his boss’s face on it.

Character reference: Mike Ehrmantraut from Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad with a touch of Jack Torrence from ‘The Shining’
Side: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uusaJSHArTJo3KXKcdC-7rPHm6JHHQjU.

[RACHEL] [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 35-50] – Neighbor (Supporting Role)
No particular race. Average to bigger build. Rachel is Earl’s quirky well-meaning neighbor. Even though she’s younger than him, she often thinks of herself as a motherly figure in his life much to the annoyance of Earl. She has 3 cats and lives on the life insurance of her late husband Jerry who Earl remind her of. She is bubbly and sweet but something is a little off.

Character reference: Margo Martindale (in her sweet/nice roles)
Side: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uusaJSHArTJo3KXKcdC-7rPHm6JHHQjU

[FELIX] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 30-65] – Bartender (Supporting Role)
No particular race. No particular build. Felix is the bartender/owner of Earl’s favorite drinking spot. They’re often friendly in the way guys are, speaking little about the important stuff but much trash about most other things. Felix is your run-of-the-mill owner/bartender who basically owns a bar so he can hang out in one and drink regularly for cheap. He thinks a “mixologist” is either something you can catch or some sort of fancy foot doctor. Both of which he’d stay away from if he can help it.

Character reference: Moe form the Simpsons/Lloyd from ‘The Shining’ (gruff and apathetic)
Side: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LyRR8GjSw3B2KHIs4a9COp3DNfAhMyiV

We’re also looking for a decent amount of extras for a couple scenes. This would be 1 day (probably a night/evening scene) for a few hours. Extras will only need to include a headshot, body shot, contact info & availability.

Submit resumes to: mothersh1p.signal@gmail.com

As with any workplace, the film and television industries can present a wide range of potential occupational health and safety hazards to workers. The Texas Film Commission expects all productions, regardless of budget to employ best practices such as establishing a workplace harassment prevention policy as well as maintaining overall industry safety standards in order to encourage and accomplish safety on set. Please visit the Safety On Set page for additional industry safety resources as well as information about employee rights and laws in Texas.

Project posted November 1, 2018