• Project Type: Network/Cable TV Series
  • Pay Status: Paid
  • Location: Capernaum Village
  • Start Date: Monday, October 22, 2018
  • Wrap Date: Friday, November 30, 2018

  • Via Brock/ Allen Casting:
    **Brock/ Allen Casting now accepting submissions for Non-Speaking Roles** If interested, please submit: FULL NAME, CONTACT INFO AND A PHOTO to thechosenbg@gmail.com.

    An inspiring original TV series from Dallas Jenkins, THE CHOSEN, follows the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of the everyday people who encountered Him and were never the same.

    Filming in Capernaum Village near Weathersford, TX and the surrounding area this Fall.

    Looking for:
    • • Men, women and children ages 5 and up
    • • Of Jewish, Middle Eastern, African or Multi-Ethnic
    • • Roman or Greek features

    All positions paid. Rate: $100/10. (Additional opportunities for speaking roles.) Disclaimer: If you are agented, please submit through your agents. To find out more about the project and follow updates on filming visit: www.facebook.com/TheChosenTVSeries/.

    To find out more abou tthe location, Capernaum Village, visit: www.capernaumvillage.com/.

    Filming late October through November 2018. Thanks!!

As with any workplace, the film and television industries can present a wide range of potential occupational health and safety hazards to workers. The Texas Film Commission expects all productions, regardless of budget to employ best practices such as establishing a workplace harassment prevention policy as well as maintaining overall industry safety standards in order to encourage and accomplish safety on set. Please visit the Safety On Set page for additional industry safety resources as well as information about employee rights and laws in Texas.

Project posted October 1, 2018