Dizzy’s World

  • Project Type: Independent TV Pilot
  • Pay Status: Paid
  • Location: Houston
  • Start Date: Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • Shooting Schedule: 3 Days
  • Wrap Date: Monday, September 03, 2018

  • Casting is underway for the independent TV pilot DIZZY'S WORLD.

    Via Robert Lawrence:
    • Dizzy Emerson (think a young FUNNY female version of Jim Carrey) - Her real name is Desi but due to her crazy misadventures is called Dizzy. Latina early 30s Extremely Goofy, has a rubber face believes no matter how crazy the situation she is in all will turn out the way she plans. Her motto "Where there's a will there's a way...AND I WILL BE HAVING MY WAY."
    • Paul Emerson - Caucasian, early 30s average height, build, Police detective loves his wife and gets caught in the middle of Dizzy's crazy antics.
    • Patty Cantu -(JOANNA SANCHEZ) mid 40's Latina, dark hair, dark eyes. Speaks with accent, owns and runs her own Beauty Salon but has a very deep ingrained, incorrect belief that she is clairvoyant. An older version of her daughter dizzy.
    • Rick Cantu - 50's Hispanic Patty's husband. Owns his own construction company and teaches construction trades at night. Is often caught up in his wife's own crazy misadventures. Doesn't buy into the psychic stuff.
    • Ralph Nelson - Caucasian late 40s-50s police detective partner of Paul. An easy-going wise cracking guy, but all business when it comes to police work. Has an eye for the ladies.
    • Thug #1 (Think Martin Ferrero in Miami Vice) - Hispanic, a small-time crook looking to move up selling drugs who has a belief in the spirit world. Meets Paul and Rick for a drug deal.
    • Thug # 2 - Any ethnicity, Mid thirties, nervous assistant to Thug number one who is more aggressive and wants to kill Dizzy Rick and Paul.
    • Action figure dealer - Shady type of salesman with illicit overtones that meets Rick to sell him what turns out to be a gift for Patty. One scene.
    • Delivery driver - Any ethnicity, 20's-40's, Delivers parcel to Patty and gets a little too fresh with her in front of Rick. One scene.
    • Impatient customer at Patty's shop - Middle-aged, overweight woman that confronts Patty about having to wait so long for service. One scene.
    • Kid customer at Patty's salon - Boy 6 to 10 years old ,goofy acting. and unruly at Patty's shop.A little brat.One scene no lines.

  • Submit resumes to: rlc1968@hotmail.com

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Project posted June 28, 2018