CarecoTV LLC

  • Project Type: Industry
  • Pay Status: Paid
  • Location: San Antonio

  • Via CarecoTV:
    CarecoTV is looking to hire a full-time closed caption / duplication assistant to join our creative team in San Antonio, Texas. This person will be responsible for closed captioning, duplication, and digital delivery of numerous programs for broadcast. The ideal candidate will have Final Cut Pro experience and enjoy working in a dynamic, one-of-a-kind team environment for a company with over 25 years of experience in the media world.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Oversee general Close Caption / Duplication work progress and report any issues to Operations Manager
    • Final Cut Pro & Avid Media Composer experience
    • Provide close captioning services for shows as assigned
    • Provide duplication services for shows as assigned
    • Provide all duplication services for other projects as required – dubbing DVDs, creating QuickTime files, dubbing raw footage/programs to requested format, uploading files to websites
    • Ensure that jobs are completed correctly and by the due date
    • Deliver any packages to UPS/FedEx as necessary
    • Mastering, labeling, and storing show tapes (show masters, CC masters) as needed
    • Commercial insertions into shows as required
    • Small editing projects as required
    • Complete proper paperwork (work orders) with each project that enters CC/Duplication – return this paperwork with the completed projects to receiving/shipping
    • Ensure that run sheets are included with each show that is sent to network
    • Assist in keeping Roku channel up to date, along with coordinating website
    • Assist in organizing / maintaining cc/dub room and/or office
    • Work with transcribers or online service to have shows transcribed in a timely manner
    • Able to maintain a clean and organized workspace and file structure
    • Social Media posting as applicable
    • Other duties as assigned

  • Submit resumes to:

Project posted March 19, 2018