American Girls

  • Project Type: Documentary
  • Pay Status: Paid & Unpaid
  • Production Company / Studio: BrightStar Media
  • Location: Austin
  • Start Date: Monday, April 24, 2017
  • Shooting Schedule: 90 Days

  • BrightStar Media is currently looking for crew members, including:

    • Assistant to the Production Coordinator (Paid)
    • Assistant to Director Apprenticeship (Unpaid)
    • Assistant to Producer Apprenticeship (Unpaid)

    Via BrightStar Media:

    Want to become a film producer but need a place to start and someone to teach you the ropes? BrightStar Media is hiring interns to work directly with the assistant to the producer. The film is about at-risk teen girls filmed over the course of ten years, but we need you to help us finish it. If you are interested please send an email with a resume and cover letter to More information can be found at

Project posted June 12, 2017