At Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc. our mission statement is simple: “To better humanity through the miracle of traditional animation and spage-age multimedia technology; to promote truth, justice, and commerce through cartoons.” For over a decade we’ve been doing just that. As a full-service creative studio specializing in traditional 2D animation, Powerhouse has been bringing characters to life and spreading ideas across this great land of ours through creativity and artistic innovation. Our staff of 30+ are all highly skilled artists, designers and animators experienced in a variety of styles and techniques ranging from traditional, flash-based and after effects animation to graphic design, motion comics, infographics, character development and concept design. Powerhouse works with a wide variety of clients on a vast array of projects including advertising, education, television, film, video game cinematics, game assets and explainer videos.

Available Positions:

  • Animatic/Premier Editor
  • Background / Layout Artist II
  • Character Artist II
  • Storyboard Artist II
Job Location: Austin

Opportunity posted February 11, 2019