Cinema Touching Disability

Austin, Texas

Early Deadline: Jan 01, 2018
Regular Deadline: Apr 02, 2018
Late Deadline: Jul 02, 2018
Online Extended Deadline: Jul 30, 2018

The Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival dispels common misperceptions about disability by showing films that portray people with disabilities in an accurate and interesting way. The feature films show that individuals with disabilities live the same sort of full and independent lives as all other people.

The short film competition is an important part of this festival. This competition gives filmmakers a chance to share their own short disability film with our audience. The films with the most imaginative and interesting portrayals of people with disabilities will both win prizes and be featured at Cinema Touching Disability.

Films may be entered in either the documentary or non-documentary division. Documentary films provide factual accounts of a disability or a person with a disability, while non-documentary entries are fictional. Non-documentary films can be of any genre. Past winners have included comedy, music video, animation, science fiction, horror, and even silent films. 

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Call for entry posted November 20, 2017