Thin Line Fest Staffing Day


September 20, 2017

About the Event:

Thin Line Fest Staffing Day is the result of a wholistic examination of our staffing requirements. We have identified 100 volunteer staff positions that need to be filled! This is not your standard volunteer call, this is an opportunity for you to truly make a difference by contributing your skill and time to help our festival grow.

There is something here for everyone. Content Programmers, Retail Merchandising, Public Relations, Production Managers, Content Editors, Photographers, Sales Analysts, Jury Coordinator, Lighting Coordinator, Digital Designers, Artist Services Manager, and so much more! We're even looking to add specific board roles of Legal Director & IT Director.

Whether you are interested in simply volunteering during the festival (maybe an Usher?) or want a more active role in festival planning and management, please come to this event. Come by any time 5-9 and meet other staff.

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