San Antonio Screenwriters Guild: Character Arc


May 26, 2018 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm


San Antonio, TX

About the Event:

Via San Antonio Screenwriters Guild:
TOPIC: CHARACTER ARC. We'll discuss what makes a good character arc and ways to show this in your script. Does genre make a difference? Can you make a good movie without it? Let's talk about it.

Also, we'll be discussing THE RELUCTANT MILLENNIAL, by member Sharon Lundy. This is a comedy TV pilot, and at 27 pages it should be a quick, fun read. You should have already received the script in a previous email, but it's attached here as well. Please read if you can. We depend on each other for feedback, and it's also good for us, whether we're giving it or receiving it. 

Lastly, we'll do a pitch "lightning round," where members can pitch their script to the group in 60 seconds. It's an optional but fun and useful exercise. No pressure, it's all about learning and practice. Give it a try!

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