Omega Broadcast: Day & Night


October 18, 2018 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Austin, TX

About the Event:

Lit by Anthem One lights and shot with Sigma High-Speed Cine Lenses, join us to see how the Panasonic EVA1 captures amazing infrared and low light footage.

We will be showcasing how you can film in daylight scenarios, as well as completely in the dark, using infrared technology.

The benefits of shooting in infrared are great for many applications, such as night shots for nature documentaries and moonlit filming.

Reserve your spot today for this hands-on event!

Equipment Showcased:

  • Panasonic EVA1
  • Anthem One Light & Portable Battery System
  • Anthem One Infrared Light Card
  • Anthem One Daylight Card
  • Anthem One Tungsten Card
  • Sigma Cine Lenses (including the 105mm T1.5)

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