Bar Room Brawl at the Pub McKinney


August 21, 2017


McKinney, TX

About the Event:

Bar Room Brawl at The Pub McKinney – Presented by Action P.A.C. Stunts

If you have ever wanted to experience a real Hollywood style bar room brawl but don’t want the hassles of medical bills or law suits then this event is for you! Hosted by professional stuntman and stunt/fight coordinator John Cann, this is a master class in film fighting and fight choreography! We will take you through the finer points of motion picture film combat and then choreograph and shoot a real bar fight! Complete with break aways and candy glass bottles!

After the finished fight is edited we will have a public viewing for friends and family at The Pub McKinney! Go to to see the video from our most recent event and sign up! Discounts for SAG/AFTRA members, Military vets, and Action PAC certified stunt performers!

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