No Idea Festival


February 21, 2019 to February 24, 2019


Museum of Human Achievement and Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery, Austin, TX

Sobre el evento:

Event Producer:

Ten Pounds To The Sound + No Idea Festival
Chris Cogburn - No Idea Festival Artistic Director
P.O. Box 684335; Austin, TX 78768
(512) 767-9825

Music: EDM, Experimental

Activities: Music festival

The 16th annual No Idea Festival brings together musicians and sound artists from around the world to Austin to collaborate for 3 nights and 2 afternoons in the fields of free improvisation, composition, installation, phonography, and sonic interventions. * Special to this year, a selection of artists will continue onward from Austin to engage with the vibrant experimental music community in Mexico City on February 28 to March 2.

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