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Houston Community College | Southwest Campus

  • 13645 Murphy Road., No. 233, Stafford, TX 77477
  • (713) 718-6372 (713) 718-7800
  • Dr. Andrea H. Jaber, Assistant Chair Fine Arts/Music Department • John Corley, Department Chair of Fine Arts
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  • Music Department Statistics
    • Year department established:
    • Undergraduate students: 200
    • Graduate students: 0
    • Doctoral students: 0
    • Full-time professors: 1
    • Part-time instructors: 10
    • Student-Teacher ratio: 1:20
    • Undergraduate degree hours needed: NA
    • (within major: NA;
    • within minor: NA)
    • Teaching certification: no
    • Internship required: no
    • Recording facility: no
    • Scholarships available: no
  • Accreditations/Affiliations: Affiliations: Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Conference • Texas Association of Music School • Texas Music Educators Association
  • Houston Community College SouthWest offers Associates Degrees in music arranging, composition and production; also voice, conducting, instrumental music, jazz studies, music theater, and keyboarding. The Fine Arts Department of Southwest College provides an opportunity for students of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to experience the creative arts first hand. If you are an artist, an actor, or a musician you will find a home here. If you have an interest in the arts or are fulfilling a core requirement for transfer this is the place to be. Maybe you simply have a desire to tap your creative abilities. This is the place to begin your exploration.
  • Ensemble opportunities include the Community College Chorus directed by Dr. Robert Reid (15-20 students).
  • Performance facilities include the Annex Theatre (60 seats) and the Westloop Auditorium (500-600 seats). Anthony Reilly is Theatre Manager (713) 718-6367.
  • Overall enrollment: 13,000
  • Typical undergraduate tuition: