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Austin College | Department of Music

  • 900 North Grand Avenue Suite 61559, Sherman, TX 75090-4440
  • (903) 813-2251 (903) 813-2000
  • Daniel Dominick, Chairman • Wayne Crannell, Choral Ensembles
  • Website
  • Music Department Statistics
    • Year department established:
    • Undergraduate students: 25
    • Graduate students: 0
    • Doctoral students: 0
    • Full-time professors: 4
    • Part-time instructors: 9
    • Student-Teacher ratio: 5:1
    • Undergraduate degree hours needed: 136
    • (within major: 40;
    • within minor: 20)
    • Teaching certification: yes
    • Internship required: yes
    • Recording facility: yes
    • Scholarships available: yes
  • Numerous scholarships are available, for majors, minors and participants.
  • Scholarship coordinator and phone: Mr. Daniel Dominick at (903) 813-2251.
  • Accreditations/Affiliations: Affiliations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • The Music Department curriculum at Austin College is designed to provide cogent experiences with serious music for the general student as well as the music major. Austin College offers a Bachelor of Arts intended primarily to prepare students for graduate work, although it may serve for various immediate occupations in music. Individual instruction in keyboard instruments, voice, strings, woodwinds, and brasses is provided for all music majors and minors and is available to other students when faculty are available.
  • Performance opportunities include the Sherman Symphony Orchestra (Daniel Dominick 903-813-2461), Austin College A Cappella Choir (Wayne Crannell 903-813-2252), Consort, and Chorale (Wayne Crannell), The Greater Texoma Jazz Band (Ricky Duhaime 903-813-2464), Austin College Woodwind and Brass Ensembles (Ricky Duhaime 903-813-2464), and String Chamger Ensemble (Ricky Duhaime 903-813-2462). These various performing organizations are open to all students on the basis of an audition.
  • Performance facilities include Craig Recital Hall (125 seats), Wynne Chapel (700 seats), and the Ida Green Theatre (500 seats).
  • Overall enrollment: 1,300
  • Typical undergraduate tuition: $22,521.00