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Angelo State University | Department of Music

  • ASU Station, No. 10906, San Angelo, TX 76909
  • (325) 942-2085 (325) 942-2341
  • Chris Stewart, Interim Department Chair • Dr. Constance Louise Kelle, Interim Director of Bands • Dr. Maurice E. Kelley II, Director of Orchestra
  • Website
  • Music Department Statistics
    • Year department established: 1928
    • Undergraduate students: 100
    • Graduate students: 0
    • Doctoral students: 0
    • Full-time professors: 13
    • Part-time instructors: 1
    • Student-Teacher ratio: 8:1
    • Undergraduate degree hours needed: 130
    • (within major: 60;
    • within minor: 18)
    • Teaching certification: yes
    • Internship required: no
    • Recording facility: no
    • Scholarships available: yes
  • Choral, piano, and band scholarships are available for any qualified student. Carr Performance Scholarships are awarded to talented music majors. Carr Academic Scholarships are awarded to academically talented students in any major field of study. ASU Fame scholarships available for qualified music majors.
  • Scholarship coordinator and phone: Department of Music at (325) 942-2085.
  • Accreditations/Affiliations: Affiliations: National Association of Schools of Music • Texas Association of Music Schools • Texas Council for the Arts in Education
  • Angelo State University offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees in music with all-level teacher certification. The distinguished faculty includes Dr. Eldon Black, Professor of Voice, Dr. Pamela Lee, Director of Choral Activities and Dr. David Scott, Director of Bands. The music faculty is dedicated to helping students develop their skills and to achieve their full potential as musicians so students can successfully compete professionally and in graduate school.
  • Performance opportunities include the Ram Marching Band (110 members), Wind Ensemble (50 members), and the ASU Symphonic Band (70 members), Jazz Band (20 members); Concert Chorale (85 members), Chamber Choir (25 members) and the Opera/Music Theatre Workshop (15 members).
  • Performance facilities include the ASU Auditorium (500 seats) and the Recital Hall (190 seats; contact Dr. Scott 325-942-2085).
  • Overall enrollment: 6,200
  • Typical undergraduate tuition: $1,974