Site Map

I. About the TMO
1. History and Purpose
2. La Oficina de Música de Tejas
3. TMO Internships
4. Texas Law and Music
5. State of Texas Music Industry
7. Other US music offices
8. Staff

II. Music Business Referral Network
1. A to Z Texas Music Businesses:
     A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
2. Attorneys
3. Booking Agents
4. CD/DVD Duplication
5. Live Music Venues
6. Music Publishers
7. Musical Instrument Businesses
8. Organizations
9. Publicists
10. Record Distributors
11. Record Labels
12. Record Stores
13. Online Only Record Stores/Digital Music Distributors
14. Recording Studios and Mastering
15. Rehearsal Studios
16. Sound Reinforcement

III. Music Education
1. Colleges / Universities
2. Libraries / Archives
3. Mariachi Education
     (Texas secondary school Mariachi education)
4. Young Masters grant
5. TX Commission on the Arts TX Music Project
6. Foundation Libraries

IV. Events Calendar

V. Texas Music History Tour
1. Music Pioneers
2. Halls of Fame, Museums, Libraries
3. Medal of Art Honorees & State Musicians Applications
How to list your business here
How to list your venue here
How to list your band here
How to list your event here
How to list radio station here

Texas music in the news via: Bing • Google • Yahoo
Texas music in the blogs via:  Google • Meltwater
Texas bands in the blogs via:  Meltwater
Texas music on Twitter

VI. Musicians
1. Texas Talent Register A-Z
    (8,195 Texas musical acts)
     A B C D E F G H I J K L Ma-Mm
     Mn-Mz N O P Q R Sa-Sm Sn-Sz
     T U V W X Y Z
2. Mariachi Talent
3. Classical Talent
4. Grammy Winners (147 winners; 293 awards)
5. 59th Grammy Award Nominees
6. Americana Music Awards Winners

VII. Business Guides
1. Available Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
2. TABC Regulations & Tax Requirements for Venues / Special Events
3. Creating a Presskit
4. Getting Started in Entertainment Law
5. Guide to Music-related Insurance
6. Copyrights / Trademarks
7. Books/Publications - Suggested Reading
8. Booking Concerts & Tours
9. Starting a Record Label
10. Finding Capital
11. SIC to NAICS conversion
12. Notes for Songwriters / Songwriters' Groups
13. Digital Distribution Common Terminology
14. Finding a Digital Music Distributor
15. Licensing How-to
16. Indie Band Packet
17. Notes for Young Artists
18. Finding Musicians For Your Band
19. Guide to Publicizing A Music Event
20. Guide to Social Media for Musicians & Music Businesses
21. Guide to Misappropriation and Right of Publicity
22. Guide to Podcasts
23. What Every Bar & Restaurant Owner Should Know About Playing Music In Their Establishment
24. How to Make Money on YouTube
25. Recording Academy's Album Credit Requirements
26. Bo Porter - Music Business Thoughts & Advice

VIII. Getting Started in the Music Business
   (a reference guide to basic legal and business practices in TX)
Make Your Band Your Business
What are trademarks?
Management and Attorneys
The Unions
The Songs
Music Publishing

IX. Radio / Press
1. Stations
2. Texas or Local Radio Shows
3. Radio Stations programming Country
4. Radio Stations programming R&B/Rap/Hip Hop
5. Radio Stations programming Rock & Roll
6. Radio Stations programming Tejano/Latin
7. Radio Stations programming Christian/Gospel
8. College Radio Stations
9. Press

X. Office of the Governor

Numbers listed in parenthesis refer to the number of listings in each section.

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