State of the Texas Music Industry

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May 201

  # Businesses # Employees
Texas music businesses 9,296 64,289
Industry services 2,583 20,495
Publishing companies 245 1,303
Record production, distribution and sales 1,145 6,063
Record labels 5352,476
Recording Services 1,315 7,997
Recording Studio 842 3,144
Touring services 1,195 11,493
Nightclubs, dancehalls and other venues 1,90315,167
Radio stations 955 10,870
Classical and performing arts groups 30220,333
Music-related university and college programs and employment 151 3,022
Number of music teachers (source: Texas Education Agency)
Working musicians (6,610 acts)   28,293

Texas Music Events Calendar  
Events: 370 Annual attendance: 19,754,636 Annual budget: $61,053,108

Recent notable Texas recording artists
Quiet Company (Austin) Granger Smith (College Station) Sarah Jarosz (Wimberly)
Randy Rogers Band (Austin) The Suffers (Houston) Gary Clark, Jr. (Austin)
Kacey Musgraves (Mineola) Wade Bowen (New Braunfels) Shakey Graves (Austin)
Leon Bridges (Ft. Worth) Party Static (Dallas) A.Dd+ (Dallas)
Larry g(EE) (Dallas) Crown (San Antonio) Tides (San Antonio)
The Tontons (Houston) Grupo Texas Heat (San Antonio) Dawn & Hawkes (Austin)
The Outfit, TX (Houston) Ryan Cullwell (Amarillo) Kelly Mickwee (Buda)
Midlake (Denton) Quaker City Nighthawks (Ft. Worth) Holy Moly (Ft. Worth)
Un Chien (Ft. Worth) Aubrey Lynn England (Garland) BLSHS (Houston)
Doughbeezy (Houston) The Royal Savages (Ft. Worth) Ronnie Fauss (Dallas)
Ishi (Dallas) Riders Against the Storm (Dallas) Lucky Joe (Mission)
Based on informal survey of Texas retailers and distributors.

Number of listings in Texas Music Industry Directory /
1991 first edition 1,160
1992 second edition 3,259
1993 third edition 4,437
1994 fourth edition 4,974
1995 fifth edition 6,422
1996 sixth edition 7,575
1997 seventh edition 8,072
1998 eighth edition 9,433
1999 ninth edition 10,152
2000 tenth edition 11,133
2001 eleventh edition 11,818
2002 twelfth edition 13,034
2003 thirteenth edition 13,587
2004 fourteenth edition 14,573
2005 fifteenth edition14,830
2006 sixteenth edition15,278
2007 online edition15,461
2008 online edition15,962
2009 online edition16,791
2010 online edition17,141
2011 online edition18,243
2012 online edition17,686
2013 online edition17,875
2014 online edition18,181


For further information see the U.S. Census Bureau's Nonemployer Statistics - Arts Entertainment, and Recreation in Texas.

Nonemployer Statistics summarizes the number of establishments and sales or receipts of businesses without paid employees that are subject to federal income tax. Most nonemployers are self-employed individuals operating very small unincorporated businesses, which may or may not be the owner’s principal source of income.