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Texas Military Preparedness Commission

Active Duty Military Installations

Texas is the proud home to 14 active duty military installations with an economic impact of nearly $150 billion. The enduring missions, beneficial partnerships, and promising outlook validate each installation’s vital role in the national defense. The TMPC will continue to advocate for Texas’ military personnel and installations, while fostering positive relationships at the local, state and federal level. View the TMPC Installation Fact Sheet.

United States Air Force

Dyess Air Force Base
Mission: Heavy bomb wing & airlift support group
Economic Output: $3.22 Billion


Goodfellow Air Force Base
Mission: Joint firefighting & intelligence training
Economic Output: $4.35 Billion


Laughlin Air Force Base
Mission: Specialized undergraduate pilot training
Economic Output: $1.65 Billion


Sheppard Air Force Base
Mission: Technical aviation & allied pilot training
Economic Output: $5.61 Billion


United States Army

Corpus Christi Army Depot
Mission: Helicopter repair Center of Excellence
Economic Output: $2.93 Billion


Fort Bliss
Mission: Ground combat maneuvering & artillery training
Economic Output: $25.48 Billion


Fort Hood
Mission: Ground combat ready forces & helicopter training
Economic Output: $44.49 Billion


Red River Army Depot
Mission: Mechanized track vehicle and MRAP repair
Economic Output: $1.92 Billion


United States Navy

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
Mission: Primary pilot training
Economic Output: $2.79 Billion


Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base
Mission: Tactical fighter & airlift mission
Economic Output: $9.26 Billion


Naval Air Station Kingsville
Mission: Navy strike pilot training
Economic Output: $0.82 Billion


Joint Base San Antonio

Fort Sam Houston
Mission: Medical Training
Lackland Air Force Base
Mission: Basic training for enlisted recruits & technical training
Randolph Air Force Base
Mission: Instructor pilot and graduate level instrument flying training
Combined Economic Output: $46.39 Billion