Office of the Governor - Greg Abbott

Governor's Initiatives

“We must seek higher ground that will continue to elevate Texas not just as a leader in this nation, but as a leader in this world.”
                                                                                            - Governor Greg Abbott

Restoring the Rule of Law

The Texas Plan to restore the Rule of Law and return the Constitution to its intended purpose. Read More

Educating Texans

Texas is exceptional, and our education system must be too. Gov. Abbott wants next year’s pre-kindergarten class to graduate from high school in the top ranked school system in the nation. Gov. Abbott will promote a culture of aspiration and achievement in our schools by setting expectations of excellence for our children, our teachers, our principals and our parents, and then giving educators the flexibility to achieve them.

Working Texans

Job creation is the lifeblood of our state, pumping income into the pockets of families and providing opportunity, dignity and purpose to workers. The building block of a strong economy is an environment where entrepreneurs and workers have the freedom to aspire, to innovate, to grow, and to prosper. Gov. Abbott will promote policies that keep Texas number one in the nation for creating jobs.

Fiscal Responsibility

Texas families have to live within their means and so should our state government. Gov. Abbott has proposed reforms to control the growth of government including a tighter spending cap tied to inflation and population growth, expanded line-item veto authority so the Governor can act to rein in spending and protection of our Rainy Day Fund.

We The People

The Constitution is the cornerstone of our democracy, and “We the People” are the foundation of our governing principles. Gov. Abbott will protect the freedoms guaranteed to us by our Creator and enumerated in the Constitution. He will act  to protect Texans’ private information, strengthen Second Amendment rights, guard Texas against federal government overreach and strengthen ethics laws for government officials.

Securing Texas

There is no greater priority than protecting our citizens, families and communities.  Gov. Abbott will do what the federal government has failed to do and secure our border. He will keep out drug cartels and gangs that import crime to our state, protecting your right to be safe in your own home, protecting your children in their schools and enforcing the rule of law.

Healthy Texans

Texas has an economic model that has made us  number one in the nation for job creation, but there are still some in our state who struggle, in part because of health care challenges. Gov. Abbott will work to ensure a healthier tomorrow for more Texas families by expanding access and improving care so even more Texans can have quality healthcare.

Energy and Environment

Texas’ diverse energy sector is critical to our economy and to American energy independence. Gov. Abbott is committed to building the roads and water infrastructure critical to allowing energy producers in Texas to continue to grow and prosper, while creating even more opportunity in Texas. Gov. Abbott will protect this vibrant industry, while protecting Texas’ wealth of natural resources.