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Crop Charts - Planting & Harvesting

View charts displaying Texas planting and harvesting periods and density maps for Corn, Cotton, Milo and Wheat.

Weather Information

The summers in Texas provide long stretches of clear skies and warm temperatures. Our rainy season is mainly in the spring (March-May) and sometimes the early fall (September-October) as seasons begin to change. Showers are generally short and intense and rainy periods last 1 - 2 days.

The winters are fairly mild. However, due to the size of our state, the temperature variance from the northernmost and southernmost points in Texas is an average of 20 degrees, with the southern tip (known as the Rio Grande Valley) usually in the 60’s and 70’s in the winter.

Snow is uncommon in most of the state; freezing rain and sleet is more likely when precipitation occurs, usually at the head of a cold front. Ice is a short-lived occurrence in most parts of the state below the Panhandle.

For more information, click below to view a PDF of the weather in specific towns:

Download: Texas Weather Charts [PDF]

Sunset / Sunrise Charts

Click the link below to view the 2014 - 2015 Sunrise/Sunset Calendar for Texas from the Texas Almanac 2014 - 2015, published by the Texas State Historical Association, Austin, Texas.

Download: 2014 - 2015 Sunrise / Sunset Calendar [PDF]

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