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Mar 16, 2010 - Willie Nelson Rides Into Indie Film Production With Luck Films

American music icon Willie Nelson has brought together a creative team to form independent film production company Luck Films. Based out of Luck, Texas, the key partners are Willie Nelson, actor/producer Kerry Wallum, writer/director/actor/producer Norman Macera, producer/director Scott McCauley, and producer/director David Von Roehm.

Luck Films will initially produce 3 to 5 feature films a year, and will also branch out into producing musical specials, and documentary films for television and subscription internet streaming.

Drawing from a rich pool of established talent in both the film and music industry, Luck Films will bring friends of Willie Nelson and crew together to create exciting and innovative cutting edge entertainment.

The first two films slated for production are "Shootout of Luck" and "The Dry Gulch Kid" which is slated to start production in May. Both films will star Willie Nelson, and will feature his music.

Willie Nelson: "We have a good crew and we plan to have a lot of fun; always remembering that 'Willimina' is the star of the show and has the final say... and we will always strive to be just as mule headed as she is."

Kerry Wallum: "We're extremely excited about this new venture with Willie and Willimina. It's the right time, and definitely the right group of people. We have amazing talent who are ready to work with us, and we're all looking forward to saddling up."

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