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The Film Friendly Texas (FFTX) program provides ongoing training and guidance to help statewide communities effectively accommodate on-location filming and market their communities as filming destinations. Whether it's for a two-day television commercial or a two-month feature film, the Texas Film Commission wants every Texas community to be prepared to welcome filmmakers in a way that benefits its residents, businesses and the community. Certification in the Film Friendly Texas program sends a message to filmmakers that a city is serious about attracting their business.

There are three steps for a community to receive certification by the Texas Film Commission as a Film Friendly Community:

  • Attendance at a Film Friendly Texas workshop by a community representative, who will then become that city's point-of-contact for film inquiries. Most cities choose a member of their city government, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Corporation.
  • Adoption of filming guidelines, as approved by the Texas Film Commission.
  • Texas Film Commission-approved photo coverage of potential filming locations in the area. The photos are submitted for inclusion in the Texas Film Commission's location database, which is used to market Texas locations to filmmakers.

The $99 registration fee is the only charge for participation in the program. The one-day workshop will address topics including:

  • An overview of the Texas media production industries
  • How film locations are chosen
  • What to expect when working with different types of productions
  • Expediting film inquiries
  • Use of public property for filming locations
  • Location agreements, production insurance and neighbor notifications
  • How to create effective filming guidelines