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Consultant Form Instructions

Consultant Contract Notification Form, Rich Text Format

1. Name of Agency

Enter the complete agency name.

2. Number of Proposed Contract

Each consultant service contract should be consecutively numbered during each fiscal year. We suggest the format 00-00XX where X reflects the sequence of the contract among the total number of agency consultant contracts during fiscal year 2000. If similar services are to be performed by different contractors, then separate numbers should be used to file separate forms for each contractor.

3. Type of Contract

Identify the category of the contract.

4. Submission Purpose

Identify whether the form is being filed to comply with fact-finding requirements or notification requirements, or to request an emergency waiver, or any combination of the three. Submit two copies of the form to the GOBP. If the form is for notification purposes, also send two copies to the LBB.

5. Anticipated Contract Award Date

Indicate the date on which the contract will most likely be awarded.

6. Anticipated Contract Completion Date(s)

This should include projected dates for preliminary submission of contracted products, including preliminary, draft, and final reports.

7. Contact Person

Enter the name, title, and phone number of the agency staff member who may be contacted regarding additional information about the contract.

8. Cost(s) of Contractby Fund

List the total anticipated cost of the study and indicate the fund source with corresponding amounts. If distinct bids are required for separate elements of the work plan, then the reported total cost estimate should also be expressed in terms of those bid elements.

9. Need for the Contract

Explain why a substantial need for the contract exists.
The justification should describe:

  • the need to be addressed;
  • the proposed role of the consultant;
  • the consequence of not procuring the assistance of a consultant;
  • how the cost was determined; and
  • how the cost relates to the expected benefits or level of effort to be undertaken.

Attach a copy of the proposed or published request for proposals (or invitation for contracts) to the notification form, and include any further information about the services to be delivered under the contract. Explain how the final product to be delivered will be incorporated into agency operations, or into the agency's future legislative appropriation requests.

10. Alternative of Internal Study or Interagency Contract

Indicate why an internal study is not a feasible alternative.List agencies and individuals actually contacted for the possibility of an interagency contract. If none are contacted, list the reasons why the services described in the contract proposal cannot be provided under an interagency contract.

11. Consultant Selection Information

List the following:

  • the requirements for demonstrating competence, knowledge, and qualification of the consultant;
  • a confirmation that preference will be given, all other considerations being equal, to a consultant whose principal place of business is within the state or who will manage the contracted project entirely from its office within the state; and
  • whether the contract will be bid or negotiated.If the contract is not subject to publication requirements of Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapter B, or as determined by the Secretary of State, detail the process by which the consultant will be chosen.

Renewal, Extensions, Amendments

If a contract is to be renewed, extended, or amended, and if the costs of the contract(s) dictate compliance with the notification and finding-of-fact requirements under Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapter B, the agency should identify the relationship of the work to the previous contract.

The agency should also state if the contract will be awarded to the previous consultant unless a better offer is received. Since this type of process by its nature tends to limit contract competition, agencies are requested to include the following additional information in Section 11 of the Consultant Contract Notification Form for such contracts:

  • name and address of previous/original consultant;
  • previous/original contract costs;
  • type of services rendered under the previous/original contract, including copies of any final draft products; and
  • details on the process by which the consultant was originally chosen.